What's stress got to do with it? [part 1]

Posted by Shalin Parikh 10/01/2016

Everyone reacts differently when they hear the word ‘stress.’ Stress is the chameleon of causes that manifests in so many different ways at different times of our lives.However, in the medical community, we refer stress as the physical and mental toll where an individual suffers due to poor coping.Think of stress as a wild weed in your pretty little garden and ignoring it will only empower it more over time.
We experience it all the time. A cold that just doesn’t seem to go away. A pulled muscle that’s taking a long time to recover. Small amounts of memory loss. Sometimes more serious conditions underlie these symptoms. But the majority of the time, for the majority of people, it’s one thing: stress! Stress is the chameleon of causes – it manifests in so many different ways at different times of our lives.

Everyone reacts differently when they hear the word ‘stress.’ The majority of society attaches a negative connotation to the word. Subconsciously, they associate weakness or inability or even craziness to ‘stress.’

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