Filling the gaps in US Healthcare industry

Posted by Health Entrepreneur 01/06/2015

Every year billions of Dollars are invested on the US healthcare system but still it fails to deliver quality medical care. Entrepreneurs took the opportunity to minimize the gaps in the US healthcare system to maintain good health.
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Emerging medical schemes:

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) controlled the division of healthcare and reimbursement to physicians. The expansion of HMO went unnoticed until it revolutionized the healthcare organizations and triggered disagreement between the patients and the doctors.


The doctors started losing authority and began working for organizations that earned from pre-paid medical services. The scheme “fee-for-service” gradually began to decline and was substituted by "capitation," where the doctors were paid a fee in one go, to treat all the patients. “Managed care” a system that emphasized on consumer choice, preventive medicine and personal care was introduced.


Consumers accessed health information through the Internet and the World Wide Web. They were fascinated by vitamin therapies, herbal preparations and acupuncture also called as “alternative medicine". Computer technology and communications opened doors for "telemedicine," a scheme that utilizes the internet, for diagnosing and treating by physicians at a distance. These schemes were considered as a response against the medical industrial complex.


Filling the gaps in US Health Industry

Currently the healthcare system in the US, as we all know is not in a good state. The entire healthcare system in the United States wastes approximately $750 billion a year and fails to deliver above average care.


This is an equivalent to the annual cost of health cover for 150 million workers or the Defence Department’s budget!!


When all this is considered, and one looks at the 48 million uninsured Americans, we see that the US healthcare system needs a fix.

Obamacare has helped address some of these issues. By end of 2015 people who did not have have insurance had to pay a fine. Also, there were several millions who were be eligible for Federal subsidies or Medicaid. There is the additional benefit today whereby you become entitled to pre-emptive services, with no out-of-pocket costs incurred. Additionally, in case you fall sick your health insurance and plan cannot get cancel your coverage.

Obamacare is not enough – What can health entrepreneurs do? How can they contribute meaningfully?

In spite of all that the government and Obamacare are providing, some of the subtle problems in our health care industry are being solved by entrepreneurs. How are these entrepreneurs contributing to the maintenance of good health?


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