MedTech startup, Jiseki Health

Posted by Ivan Ivanov on 12/24/2020

MedTech startup, Jiseki Health, is a concierge service that helps its clients take control of their health and improve their wellbeing.
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The Founding of a COVID Drugs Website

Posted by Mahi Ravi on 12/09/2020

A short background piece on what inspires me to create a website to combat misinformation in the pandemic via science and COVID stories.
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The Corona Page's Founding Story

Posted by Mahi Ravi on 12/08/2020

A short background piece on what inspires me to create a website to combat misinformation in the pandemic via science and COVID stories.
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3 Cā€™s ā€” Cancer, Cure and COVID ā€” The Aftermath

Posted by Superadmin on 06/01/2020

What happens to cancer care post-COVID? The New Normal will be NOTHING like — the normal. BUT, this calamity could also provide an opportunity to innovate - eventually, for the greatergood. hashtagcancercare hashtagoncology hashtagcovid19 hashtagmacroeconomics
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FDA: A Must-to-Know for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. on 08/28/2019

In early 1900’s, the healthcare scenario in the US was chaotic with the new drugs coming into the market without proper clinical trials leading to many drug-related disasters. To control the situation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency was established. But with changing times accompanying the increased needs for new innovative and efficient treatment, the health and security concern has also increased. The control the increasing demand for drugs, and also the market pressure the FDA has implemented new quick approval methods. The bottom line of this piece is to highlight the fact that both the health entrepreneurs and FDA should work together for the betterment of the situation.
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Advancement in Patient-Focused Oncology Benefit Management

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. on 11/06/2018

Oncology Analytics Raises $21 Million Series B Financing Led by Oak HC/FT

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Funding Resources for Medical Device Startups

Posted by Chirag Gupta on 09/03/2018

This article is about technology startup accelerators focused on medical device innovation. It includes information about the following organizations: YCombinator, HealthBox, Matter, and Catalyst HTI, Doctors and Hackers, HealthWildcatters

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Harvard Business School - Advanced Management Program - My Experience

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. on 05/28/2018

A moment arrives in everyone's life when they feel a need to 're-explore' themselves and look for a 'purpose'. And what if one could achieve all of these while learning from some of the best HBS thought leaders and Global executives, while forming life-long relationships? If this value proposition sounds compelling, read on!
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Various Technologies Blending With Healthcare Industry

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. on 12/25/2017

Technology and Healthcare- sounds like poles apart, but are actually a powerful duo! The healthcare industry is becoming more dynamic after the involvement of technology. The technology is not only improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services but also backing the industry by acting as “Cost-Cutter” which is bliss. With the passing time, the technology has created an “alleyway” for ingenious healthcare startup ideas to pitch in and become the “Next high-profile development”. The writing piece is intended to offer a unique insight about the various adaptation in healthcare due to technology and how that can become an excellent opportunity for smart healthcare startups to bud.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. on 11/30/2017

Trends show that health care spends are approximately 18 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The prediction is that by 2022, this figure will be in the range of 19.9 percent of total GDP. Most of this spending will be due to Medicaid enrollments as propagated by ACA, tech spending, an aging population etc. As the spends increase, competitive players will all be vying to get a piece of the pie and smaller and less profitable players will be ultimately forced to sell out. A survey reveals that 88% of health care executives are in pursuit of some M & A activity. In this article we bring you answers to a few burning questions: Are hospital consolidation transactions prevalent today? What is different about the M & A transactions today when compared to those of the healthcare reform era? How have transactions been regulated to ensure and maintain appropriate market competition and avoid antitrust violations? How can health care providers best position themselves in the M&A landscape? If alignment with another hospital/system is on the horizon, what process are organizations using to navigate the transaction successfully? These and several other questions including those about potential exits will find answers in this article. This article would help healthcare executives to be proactive and determine an appropriate strategy to increase chances of success in an era of consolidation.
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