Health 3.0- The Smart Approach to Healthcare

Posted by Darshan Gandhi, M.D., M.B.A. 02/27/2017

Health 3.0- The Smart Approach to Healthcare
“Prevention is better than cure”! The proverb had never been more relevant than now, especially for US healthcare, as the emphasis is on preventive healthcare rather than curative. As the scene of healthcare is shifting towards a patient-focused approach, the development of improved and unique healthcare approach has become a challenge. The new “Third Generation Healthcare” also known as “Health 3.0” is now concentrating on finding unconventional ways and methods to increase the health consciousness in the patients through patient engagement strategies. The Health 3.0 is focusing on making healthcare more accessible, fast, and affordable. This piece is an attempt to provide insights about the Health 3.0 and how it can influence and change the present day healthcare scenario.

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