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MedTech startup, Jiseki Health

MedTech startup, Jiseki Health, is a concierge service that helps its clients take control of their health and improve their wellbeing.

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Posted On December 24, 2020

The Corona Page's Founding Story

A short background piece on what inspires me to create a website to combat misinformation in the pandemic via science and COVID stories.

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Posted On December 08, 2020


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Inspirational Stories

  • Interview with Shanthu Kere, CEO, Palisha

    This health entrepreneur shares his motivational story that started with a "vision" to bring around a change in Oncology care-delivery, culminating in successful acquisition of his company. The journey, however, was fraught with hurdles and uncertainties that he overcame by staying true to his Mission.

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  • Interview with Dr. Nilesh Nangrani

    Learn from an inspiring journey of an accomplished physician entrepreneur. Here he shares his beginnings, his life and his Vision to provide affordable and quality care to everyone, irrespective for their location.

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