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Interview with Dr. Nilesh Nangrani

I owe my success as a health entrepreneur to my parents. They taught me the value of money and the importance of work. Any work, how much ever trivial, yields you, not only money, but also experience. While there is a cost for each work, experience is priceless; it is up to us to make maximum use of the opportunity we get to work.
The seed of entrepreneurship was sown quite early in my life. My parents had moved to India after partition. They started their own flavor-manufacturing factory. Everything they did was from a scratch and with limited resources at hand. Despite that, they made sure that their kids receive the best of education, and learn to value the importance of work. As kids, every summer vacation, we had to work in my father’s factory. We were treated as any other employee.
Looking back, I feel grateful to my father for availing us this opportunity, as I learnt the basics of entrepreneurship - all in practice, no theory. I became familiar with the day-to-day operations of the factory. As I grew up, I realized that I have the skills required to run a business effectively. The on-ground experience added the much-needed self-confidence. When I graduated and expressed my desire to join my father’s business, to my dismay, I wasn’t allowed to do that.
It would appear, this was another turning point, as my parents encouraged me to pursue higher studies rather than joining business. A new lesson learnt - do not embark onto something without preparing well! The objective was to become well-equipped with the entrepreneurship skills required, widen my viewpoints, and hone my skills.
There was a time, when I was wearing multiple hats at a time - a practicing physician, an MBA student and a budding entrepreneur. Devoting my time equally to all these three, was a challenge. As an entrepreneur, I was aware that good things never come without risk, and a successful entrepreneur is one who takes calculated risks!
While the idea of starting a regular urgent clinic was still in conception stage, I happened to attend a conference focused on “How to start an Urgent Care”. There, I saw more than 1000 people. I firmly believed that I did not wanted to be one among the crowd, and be a part of a large herd. And that’s how UrgentCare2go came into existence.
Over the next 5 years, I want UrgentCare2go to provide services at the national level including the rural parts of America which traditionally have faced physician shortage. Following that, UrgentCare2go should have global reach in parts of the world that are deficient in healthcare resources. The vision of UrgentCare2go is to provide affordable and quality to care to everyone.
My family has been a constant support for me all along. They are there whenever I needed them. The success of UrgentCare2go is attributed to my parents who instilled and promoted entrepreneurial skills in me. When these skills are learnt early, these become a habit.


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