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Interview with Shanthu Kere, CEO, Palisha

Interviewer “Today we have Shanthu Kere, who built a healthcare business from scratch, successfully. So Shanthu, what motivated you to pursue health-entrepreneurship in the first place?”
Shanthu “I was doing my masters in computer science and one of my colleagues presented this book to me … Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The gist of the story was there are thousands of seagulls
most of them what to do is just come, sit and eat, and they keep doing that for the rest of their lives. But then there is this special seagull named Jonathan Seagull that does not want to waste its life just doing that. It wants to fly faster, fly higher and it’s not afraid of failing is not afraid of getting injured. That inspired me to do different things and try something new. The corporate world for me was like catching of fish coming to me. I didn’t want to do that so that so that’s (how) everything began for me.”
Interviewer “What troubles did you face and how did you deal with them or learn from them?”
Shanthu “You see many people think that being an entrepreneur is a really glamorous thing. Those people are completely mistaken. When you take up entrepreneurship struggles are part of your daily life.
So this is a look at it. At the light at the end of the day, entrepreneurs  are not (really) any smarter or any better than people but they know how to get up after many failures…and they do not get discouraged.
I think that the sharpness of this is that there are certainly many struggles like the financial struggles, emotional struggles you (just) don’t know what’s going to happen next time. The guy who wakes up every morning not bogged down by these struggles probably will find a way to win….will come out as a successful individual.”


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