Traits of a "healthcare leader"

Posted by Health Entrepreneur 07/04/2015

Leadership is essentially an ongoing job and always remains one journey - a never ending journey with elements and facets that add up to a broad and complex scenario. Entrenched in the leadership role are a multitude of behavioral, interactional, relational and structural considerations that provide meaning to the role. This article describes about the skills required as well as the challenges faced by the leaders in order to succeed in today's business world.

What does leadership mean to healthcare professionals?


As the world changes, there are newer and better ways of organizations and people with new patterns of behavior being seen and these demand certain levels of illumination and understanding. Infact, like any other industry the healthcare segment is also undergoing a huge shift and is reconceptualising its agenda, work and priorities to take into account global realities and technological advances. This has led to greater need for healthcare leaders to push their organizations into the fray. These leaders have to bear in mind that they cannot just push people into a future solely envisaged by them. They also need to bring everyone to the table so that the future can be shaped by mutual, co-operative dialogue and rigorous, concerted action.


This article looks into the skills required as well as the challenges leaders have to face in order to succeed in today’s business climate.

What makes for the new leader and what goes into the making of this new leadership talent

With a group of professionals coming together as an interdisciplinary team, delivery of health care today has changed. There are many factors and forces that are shaping this industry and these changes are driven by markets, changes in health concepts, and well-being, research, technology and discovery. It is only through dynamism in leadership that leaders can consider themselves equipped to position themselves to guide these transformations. These leaders have to learn the management skills required by healthcare leaders to succeed in today’s business climate, to solve business challenges to enable the enterprise’s bottom line.

The changing face of leadership in the healthcare segment

The four areas that require industry convergence can be classified under the broad heads and four key trends as well as progression drivers.


Strategic market access

Patient centricity


Health Management


All these areas have significant implications for tomorrow’s healthcare leader. Starting from functional leadership to managers to CEOs to the Chairman each one should bring unparalleled tactical and strategic vision along with a greater appreciation for newer ideas and business models. The older ways of doing business will not be sufficient anymore and leaders need to prepare themselves to find people with cross-functional skills and individuals desirous of expansive careers. For securing the right talent organizations would now have to look outside and for the right skills for the sector which is changing rapidly and constantly. The market place is indeed competitive for leaders with digital experience and will remain so for years to come.


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