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Mr.  Terry Buelna


Terry Buelna is CEO and President at Verve Medical, Inc.
Terry received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara campus in 1978. Early in his career he worked in aerospace at General Electric, Martin Marietta and Hughes Aircraft. His career in medical devices began in 1982 at Amsco Hall Surgical. As a Development Engineer he was responsible for designing orthopedic power instruments and was at the forefront during the advent of arthroscopy. Terry then took a position consulting for Baxter Healthcare in their Edwards division. He was responsible for designing patient remote blood gas monitoring products and worked there until 1988 where he partnered up with four other Baxter colleagues as a co-founder of Applied Medical. Terry spearheaded the Urology and Laparoscopy divisions as Director of R&D. Applied Medical remains a private company and the largest single employer in Orange County California with over 2,500 employees. At Applied Medical, Terry was again at the forefront in the early days of laparoscopic surgery. In 1992 he joined Laparomed, another medical device startup as Director of Engineering. In the course of less than two years, with six products in the market, Laparomed was acquired by Advanced Surgical. Terry then formed his own company with two colleagues from Laparomed. This became Abacus Design & Development. Again, in less than two years time, Abacus was acquired by Bard Cardiology for its innovative arterial vessel closure device. Terry then took a break and moved to Santa Barbara where he renovated and sold houses for the next 15 years. In late 2010 when Medtronic made news by acquiring renal denervation company Ardian, Terry was back in medical devices with his creation of Verve Medical based on his previous knowledge and experiences in urology with Applied Medical. Through the course of his career, Terry has garnered over 35 patents and more importantly 20+ products that have been successfully used in surgery.  


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